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Noch ein Nachtrag…

Freitag, 1 August 2008
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Der Andy ist inzwischen wieder zurück in Japan… zwar nur für drei Monate, aber immerhin.

Er schreibt auch wieder in sein Blog, wer also Lust hast, kann ja mal beim Schwaben in Japan vorbei schauen, was sich inzwischen so in Japan getan hat und wie es sich derzeit dort so lebt!


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The End… is the Beginning…

Dienstag, 1 Juli 2008
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This is the end of my travel blog „Ohayo Gozaimasu Nippon“.

First of all, I really enjoyed writing this piece… thanks to all the people who read the blog (or at least some parts of it), thanks for your comments, your hints, your suggestions and your attention so far.

I have to admit, it took really some time to finish it at the end… you should definitely finish your work as soon as possible 🙂

So what are the future plans for this blog? And for me?
As far as the blog goes… this one ends here. I will not delete it in the near future, maybe someone will find it interesting to read about my trips and adventures in Japan
But you know… the end is also the beginning of something new (okay clumsy writing here) … more details on this „something new“ will be posted here soon. This „something new“ will also include the answer of what are my future plans…

Thanks a lot for reading this and taking part in my journey, I hope that you hopefully had a bit fun while reading the entries about my Japan time. And I hope that I will see you soon… at the „something new“ 😉

Stay tuned…

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Return to Germany

Dienstag, 1 Juli 2008
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After my trip to the Kansai area, I went back with the Moonlight Nagara (perfect train if you are using the Seishu 18 train ticket) to Tokyo.

I came back on a Thursday morning, arriving 5 am at Tokyo central station. On this day, I went shopping, into a internet cafe to reserve my seat on the plane for my flight back on Friday, more shopping and last but not least, a last farewell party with all my friends.

It was a really nice evening but sad of course. Hard to leave those people that you grew accustomed to in the last months… we separated that night with a long farewell and the hopes of meeting again some time in the future.

I stayed at Sanders place this last night in Tokyo, getting up on Friday early in the morning, after 4 hours of sleep or so. Then I went to Narita Airport to get my plane back to Germany.

Without any problems or long waiting times I came back to London, Heathrow, survived the „chaos“ of the newly build and opened Terminal 5 of British Airways (man those queues were long) and arrived in Berlin Tegel at night.

My family was waiting for me… When I came out of the arrival area, they were standing there with a huge line of A4 papers… written on the pages „Herzlich Willkommen Zu Hause“ (which means welcome back home). I was totally overwhelmed… not expecting this 🙂

And the other people waiting for the other passengers were also stunned to see such a thing. A group of Australian people joined my family in holding the line and the pages and started to cheer when I came out with my luggage… I was really speechless… here are the pics

From the airport we went back by car to Cottbus… and I had a long night with storytelling, kissing and hugging my love and enyoing the warmth atmosphere of beeing back in the family circle after my six months on the other side of the planet.

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Sightseeing in Nara

Dienstag, 1 Juli 2008
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During my time in the Kansai area (part of Japan, where Kyoto, Kobe, Nara and Osaka are located), I had the chance to visit Nara, the ancient capital of Japan. This short entry will tell you more about my visit…

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Welcome to cool Japan

Montag, 30 Juni 2008
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Nothing more to say 🙂 I like Ninjas …

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Visit in Kyoto (Part 2)

Sonntag, 29 Juni 2008
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So here we go… the second part, continue after a short click 🙂

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