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Work at KDDI R&D Labs – The first day | Sonntag, 7 Oktober 2007

I promised to write a bit about my work for KDDI R&D Labs… sorry that it took so long… but here we go!

Since I’m used to speak English during my working time, I thought I should write this one in English… so sorry for any inconveniences and mistakes!

I started my work at KDDI Research and Development Laboratories Inc. (the full name, short form is KDDI R&D) at Monday. It was a small adventure to get from Ueno to Fujimino-shi (city in Saitama prefecture) with my baggage… because I had to be there at 9:30am. So it was time for rush hour. But I was lucky… most of the trains out of Tokyo were just normally full, not totally stuck.

I arrived a bit early at KDDI R&D, so I had to wait for my mentor and the Deputy Manager. Some time later the Deputy Manager arrived and showed me around. Later we drove with a cab to my new home, in the Minamidai chome (part of town). He showed me my apartment and explained the most important facts (room structure, rent, utilities fee, washing machine, …).

The first day was full of explanations and introductions. After the first visit to my new home, we walked back to KDDI R&D and then to the city hall, which is just over the street. At the city hall, we filled in the application for the Gaijin Card. Gaijin means foreigner in Japanese ( in English it’s called Alien registration card). I can get my card in about 2 Weeks, then I will take a picture from it and post it here.

After that, we went to the big department store next to KDDI R&D. There we ate at a small restaurant (I think we had a normal menu, rice, veggies and some meat, nothing special). The rest of the day was full with introductions of my colleagues. Some of them were away for the first week, because there was a exhibition in Tokyo, where they presented some of their research.

Next article will contain more informations about my colleagues, my typical working day and so on…


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