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Work at KDDI R&D Labs – The other days | Sonntag, 7 Oktober 2007

So you wanna know more about my work here for the internship??? Then please read on..

I am working in the Ubiquitous Networking Group, which is a subpart of the IP-Networking Group at KDDI R&D. The group consists of around 11 members. There is a head of the group, the senior manager. There are some senior researchers (the highest rank of a researcher, next would be group leader or manager). After the senior researchers comes the normal research engineer and then associate research engineers (these are new employees, fresh from the university for example).

Most of the employees have their Ph. D. (doctor degree), I think around 8 of the 11 employees have a Ph. D. Some younger employees do not have a Ph. D. and the secretary doesn’t have one. So I have the lowest university degree at my lab, with my BSc 🙂

My mentor during the internship (Motegi-san) is quite young, I think mid 30s. My boss is Yoshihara-san, he is the second highest member of the group. I am working under the guidance of Motegi-san and another member, a really nice guy from Bangkok, he works together with Motegi-san on the area of sensor networks, personal area networks and Zigbee (for those who want to know more about this technical topic, feel free to ask me).

My current task is creating a survey about some research topics, which involves reading scientific papers and literature and then summarizing the main contents and afterwards, present them for the group.

My work day starts usually at 9 am in the morning. We go to lunch at 12:30 most of the times. In the first week we always went to restaurants, my colleagues showed me some different kind of more or less typical japanese foods (like ramen-noodles for example).
Usually I go home between 5-7 pm, so I’m working between 8 and 10 hours each day. This is the lower limit, my boss arrives some minutes before me and stays until 8 or 9 pm maybe… this is quite normal here. They even have beds at KDDI R&D.

Because people work so hard and long, there are lot’s of possibilities for recreation. There is a tennis court outside, a soccer field, I think there is a small gym somewhere, but I’m not sure. There is of course a lounge and a big room for eating. And like i mentioned some beds too 🙂
Japanese people tend to stay really long at work… I think they don’t want to go home 🙂

At KDDI R&D are three more trainees (internship students). One is from Belgium, another one from Sweden and the last one is from Stuttgart, Germany. His name is Andreas, he even lives in the same house complex like me. We were introduced to each other at Wednesday. He started his internship 3 months ago and is going to stay here till Christmas. So I can ask him about everything, he is already familiar with most of the things, which are new for me!


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  1. cool, du hast deinen eigenen Koch ;))

    Kommentar von ashy — Montag, 8 Oktober 2007 @ 1:53 am

  2. Ja da hast du aber Adleraugen bewiesen… hab ich gleich mal korrigiert 🙂
    Hast du dir den berĂĽhmten No-Prize verdient !!!

    Kommentar von novarider — Montag, 8 Oktober 2007 @ 5:34 pm

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