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Work at KDDI R&D Labs – No vino… | Dienstag, 23 Oktober 2007

Tuesday is going to be the vine festival at KDDI R&D. But without the internship students… today the staff manager informed Andreas and me, that this event is just for members of KDDI R&D and sadly not for students or internship people!

That’s really sad, but I understand why. When KDDI R&D members go to other countries for conferences or meetings with other companies, they bring along some vine samples, and then, once a year, these different vines are going the stars of the evening 🙂
So I understand and I’ve decided with Andreas, that we are going to do something similar… we will to a little beer test with Japanese Beer. We brought 4 different beers today and then we will meet up under the week or at Friday maybe, cook some food, rest a bit, listen to music and do our own beer testing! One of the beers is a dark one… so there’s even one for me 😉

Otherwise, there are not many new things, I will present the first conclusions of my first survey in the near future and till then try to finish my second survey. I finished the quick interception survey from last week on friday. So now it’s back to the beginning…
Today I had the chance to write a bit about possible future research topics concerning my surveys… maybe I’ll find some interesting topic to work on next month… I’ll keep you up to date about this!


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