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Work @ KDDI R&D Labs – News | Freitag, 2 November 2007

Some news about my time at KDDI R&D Labs…

This week my chief went to a conference in San José, USA. Must be really interesting to have the opportunity to travel around the world, give talks on research topics and such stuff…
I had two meetings with my mentor this week, discussing new possible research topics. My next topic will be the creation of different application scenarios and examples for some of the possible topics… this is going to be interesting, since I can be creative!

The introduction talk is appointed now for the same day as my welcome party 🙂 which is probably going to be next week… Then it’s time for some nominication! This is an interesting combination of the Japanese word for drinking together and communication. As soon as I know more about the welcome party, I’ll write some facts about it.

So, the work for this and the next week is already planed… I hope, that I can work on something practically in the next weeks, maybe some programming or testing… we’ll see about that!


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