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News from Work | Mittwoch, 21 November 2007

So what is new at work you ask? Well this week I am busy with writing some project proposal. If it gets accepted, then I have my work for the rest of the internship at KDDI R&D. The topic of the project is a mix of my first activities and recent research here at KDDI R&D. It will hopefully contain some practical work, maybe the deployment of testbed and some programming and evaluation. We’ll see about that later. Thursday is the deadline for the proposal and next week I will find out, if it will be accepted or not.

A interesting thing at KDDI R&D is, that every 2nd and 3rd Wednesday in each month, the employees should not stay at work later then 6PM. The reason is, that the company wants to make sure, that all the employees do not stay so long every day in the week. I know lots of colleagues, who stay from 10AM to 10PM sometimes… really long! So here in Japan, the company has to remind their employees to leave work after 8 hours of work… in Germany it is possibly different. I can imagine, that companies must remind their workers, that they should stay at least 8 hours… well maybe in some companies 😉

Also next week will be the 30th KDDI R&D Bowling Cup. This is the first time, that I will join it. Andreas told me about it, it seems like a real nice thing, even if it is just 1 hour of Bowling.

The last news about work is, that we had lots of lunch boxes (called bento box) with seafood in the last days. That’s the reason, why I am so hungry after work, because I mostly try to avoid squid and his fellow seafood mates! We’ll see how this develops in December!

That’s all news from work for now folks!


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