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Cycling can be murderous | Freitag, 2 Mai 2008

Yesterday was the First of May in Germany… the national holiday for protests and fights with the police. It was also Fathers Day, the day when men (and sometimes women too) drive or wander around and drink really much.

We went to Dresden in the early morning, not many drunk people on the streets then.
We meet with a couple of friends a bit outside of Dresden, after we got our rental city bikes. And then we started our first part of the 6 hour cycling marathon 🙂 The first couple of kilometers were really tough, mostly up-hill with narrow ways and big stones and so one… not really comfortable with the city bikes, most of the others had real mountain bikes, they could handle this much better then we could. After 3 hours or so we made a longer stop at a small outside grill station. And then back to the city center of Dresden. So another 2 hours of cycling… and the bones started to hurt really much. We arrived in Dresden Neustadt in one of the biggest parks there to lay around in the sun… really nice weather.

Afterwards we went on with the cycling to go to the student apartment of a good friend, who has studied in Dresden. We managed to arrive there at 5pm or so… for a nice barbecue session with lots of good food and some nice beers.

Since we had to bring back the rental bikes, we left at around 7pm, taking the tram to get back into the city center (we were just lazy and exhausted 😉 ). And after that, back with the train to Cottbus. Of course there was some problem on the course, so the train had a 25 minutes delay… who would have guessed it?

I really miss the punctuality of Japanese trains! Give me back JR and the great service!!!!


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  1. Please tell the JR staffs not to apologize only for 3 minutes delay!! haha

    Seems you spent good time, lovely 🙂

    Kommentar von Rie — Samstag, 3 Mai 2008 @ 5:53 pm

  2. you schlappschwanz. How is it possible to be on a 6 hour cycling tour when we started at 12 and arrived at 5 at our final destination with tons of breaks and picknicks and stuff inbetween?
    And mountainbikes – ha! I could have given you my diamantrad and i swear to god you would have been twice as messed up as with your rental bike!

    Ich sollte echt mal mehr englische Grammatik üben 😉

    Kommentar von fidel c — Montag, 5 Mai 2008 @ 11:34 am

  3. Well well overall it might have been less then 6 hours… true. And for me personally it was okay, my bones did hurt (because of the saddle). But for Andreza it was more painful, she’s not used to longer bike trips… so the murderous part goes more for her pain 🙂

    Kommentar von novarider — Montag, 5 Mai 2008 @ 5:33 pm

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