Ohayo Gozaimasu Nippon

Golden Week | Donnerstag, 8 Mai 2008

The last couple of days were Golden Week Holidays in Japan.

Golden Week is the first week of May, where several Japanese holidays occur during this first week. This is also  one of the main times for Japanese to go somewhere for holidays. This leads of course to packed highways, full air planes and so on… and of course to this interesting side effect that Tokyo is (once in a while) really empty.

So I hope that all of my Japanese friends and contacts, who stayed home for Golden Week have a nice and good time back in Tokyo and Saitama!!! Now is probably the best time to get out for a nice walk thorugh some parts of Tokyo. Wish you all the best…

For those of you who aren’t staying in Japan… here are some information about Ōgata renkyū (Golden Week Wikipedia Article)

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