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Holidays are over | Dienstag, 13 Mai 2008

We had a nice „verlängertes Wochenende“ (longer weekend) in Germany, thanks to Pfingsten Holidays. The weather was really nice, lots of sunshine. It was the perfect time to do laundry 😉

I also met some friends at the weekend, we went for billiard and barbecue. The total number of barbecues per week are increasing lately… from zero in March to 2-3 per week now! And we discovered the sweetness of marshmallows… they are almost completely made out of sugar. I guess that’s the main reason why I like them…

I also discovered that the supermarkets (konbinis) around the city center are beginning to offer „fresh“ sushi. So now I have the chance to go to the sushi bar or to a supermarket to get some sushi. And I found some nice Udon and Ramen restaurants in Berlin, which I have to try out.

A nice surprise last week was the arrival of another care-packet from Japan. In my last weeks at work, I packed over 10 small packets (postage fee was so small for small packets) back to Germany, with lot’s of instant food and other small things from the 100 Yen store and Tokyo shopping trips. Almost all packets have arrived until now, I just miss one single packet with some small gifts for my mum… and two packets of miso soup 😉
I hope that the miso soup will survive the summer in the cupboard, because now it is just too hot to eat/drink warm miso. But autumn is coming sooner or later, then it’s miso time again!

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