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No more Pandas in Tokyo | Dienstag, 13 Mai 2008

I just read that the famous Ling Ling (the last panda in a Japanese zoo) has died last week. He was pretty old… so I guess it was time for him.

So what is Japan going to do now??? Import some panda bears from China???
I never went to Ueno zoo, but I guess the visitors (and of course the kids) will miss the panda.


Veröffentlicht in Tokyo

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  1. The Chinese president visited Japan last week, and he made a promiss that China will „lend“ 2 pandas. However, the „rent“ is 100,000,000 JPyen..ridiculous…
    BTW, China refuses the rescue from Japan for the earthquake. Unbelievable for me. It claimed about 12,000 lives so far, it’s two times that of Kobe in 1995..

    Kommentar von Rie — Dienstag, 13 Mai 2008 @ 3:33 pm

  2. Ouch… this is a high rent for a Panda… and lending animals is not really a nice thing at all.

    Well the relationship between Japan and China is still kind of complicated… I guess it will never be free of any hatred or anger in the near future. And both countries and governments are responsible for that.

    Kommentar von novarider — Dienstag, 13 Mai 2008 @ 7:23 pm

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