Ohayo Gozaimasu Nippon

Daily Objects | Donnerstag, 19 Juni 2008

So what objects or things did I use in Japan (almost daily)? Well many things that I also use now again in Germany… things like my trusted Lenovo T60 Notebook… a cell phone… pen and pencil…

But also some interesting things that I can not use in Germany any more. That’s why it’s time to honour those special objects… things that I have grown acustomed during my time in Japan!

First of all… let’s give a big applause to my „Inkan“ or „Hanko“, which is a name stamp. Here is a (blurry) picture of my hanko

The second picture shows the hanko in its case. As you can see, there is a nice red pillow for stamp ink inside the case. Very useful if you have to sign somewhere on the way or at the door or …

The hanko is used like a signature in the western world. Wikipedia Germany or Wikipedia English explain more about this seal, which is absolutely common and necessary in Japan. If you want to open a bank account or get a mobile phone contract, you should have a hanko. Although they often make exceptions for foreigners. Thanks to KDDI R&D Labs, I got my own hanko.
Funny remark… my hanko contains my First Name… small mistake from the chief of staff… who always thought that Michael is my family name 😉 So in contrast to normal hankos (which always contain the family name in Kanji), I got a hanko with my First Name on it…

The second object, which I used everyday… is my room key. A key… nothing special you think? Well, maybe not if you are living maybe in the university dormitory in Dresden… but if you don’t know RFID taged keys… take a short look

The small keys are the ones for my bicyle, the big one is my room key. Very uncommon for me at first, but at the end, no problems or anything. You just put it into the small slit/slot in the door knob, turn around the knob in the right direction and there you go.

The last object is my ID card. I am not going to post a picture here… simple because I can’t find any at the moment… the ID card was necessary for proving that I am a foreigner… and a foreigner with a visa 🙂 Really needed when I got packets at the post office… the post office clerk didn’t believed me first, when I came to get my packet. But at the end, the women there knew me by face and I got my packets really fast.

So that’s it for now… these three useful things where my constant companions during my time in Japan… I’ll remember them!


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