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Visit in Kyoto (Part 2) | Sonntag, 29 Juni 2008

So here we go… the second part, continue after a short click 🙂

After the visit of the imperial palace, I continued my trip around Kyoto with short visits of other interesting attractions. Ryoanji Temple and Daikakuji Temple are also must sees… big areals with many small and big temples, lakes and ponds. Another interesting thing is the Kamomioya-jinja World Cultural Heritage Site. Following sixs pictures are from the area… beginning with the entrance sign (and map), the shrine in front of the big entry gate, the gate itself and and and …

As you can see, the entry gate is really beautiful, the areal inside of course too. Areals like this one are not uncommon in Kyoto, you can find many of them, all over town.

On my way to this areal, I had to cross a river and there I made a picture of myself, just a prove that I was actually there… just a reminder for me in 10 years… yes dude you were there!!!

This was just two days after my last shave… at the end, when I came back to Tokyo for my flight back to Germany, I definitely needed a shave… I forgot my razor in Tokyo 😉 So always remember to take your razor with you… even if you don’t need it daily (which I don’t).

So in closing, there are sooo many things to see in Kyoto, you can spend a month there… I just had three days but I managed to see many interesting things. Using Wikitravel helped me a lot to cover the most important things. Hail to Wikitraval 🙂

To close this entry for Kyoto… what can you actually see, when you arrive at the train station???
This here…

Really big and futuristic! Yes… a bit Tokyo again 😉


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