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Sightseeing in Nara | Dienstag, 1 Juli 2008

During my time in the Kansai area (part of Japan, where Kyoto, Kobe, Nara and Osaka are located), I had the chance to visit Nara, the ancient capital of Japan. This short entry will tell you more about my visit…

So what can you see, when you go to Nara? A lot… I had a couple of hours time, so I went straight to Nara Park, where the main sights are located. Here’s the map of the park…

As you can see, there are many ponds, temples, shrines and gates. And one big buddha… the biggest Budda in Japan! (Worldwide too???) I took the round trip, beginning with a visit of a beautiful pond, complete with turtles, a small pagode and weeding tourists 🙂

It was a really nice and sunny day, perfect weather for photos or paintings as you can see. The couples were from South Korea… they went to the pond for photos, I am not sure if they were married in Japan actually. They didn’t spoke Japanese, just Korean and English…

After that pond, I went around a bit and visited the big pagode in the central area of the park, here’s a picture of the areal.

From this point you can reach all the other important sights in a short time and while walking, you have to pass through other parts of the park… with deers everywhere 🙂
The deers are usually quite boring, they just sleep or eat stuff from the tourist. You can buy deer food pellets everywhere, so they are never hungry… that’s probably the reason why they are so lame… But be careful, as the sign (see the pictures below) says… deer mothers can get angry when you come near their kids… and even if the big horns of the male deers are removed… they still can (will???) attack you! Here’s the sign and one hungry deer, trying to eat another one

Later on, when you pass through the woods near the mountain (see the map) you can find small and medium shrines, all colored in red, and many other interesting thinks. Here are two examples…

So you might ask yourself, what is the biggest thing that you can see in Nara? Like I said… the big daibutsu (Buddha)! On the following pictures you can see the big hall, where the Buddha is locatted and the Buddha itself, it was hard to make a good picture inside, not much light… and statives/tripods for cameras were not allowed (and the camera didn’t had any motion reduction or something like that).

I don’t remember, how much you had to pay for the entry, but it was definitely worth it! Really amazing, how big the hall and the statue are…

Afterwards, you can return to the park and see some other interesting places, for me my time was over then, I had to return to Nara train station, because I had to get back to Kyoto, to take the overnight train back to Tokyo. More on that in the last article about my Japan trip… stay tuned folks!


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